Our Story

Waterview at Waverton was always destined to be a local café serving the salvation of coffee to early risers. 28 years ago, Lance Withams and his brother decided to rent the space and turn it into a coffee roaster after previously running one in Tanzania. If you enter the café today, you’ll still see the original exhaust at the top of the door!

Several years later the Withams men upgraded to a larger area on the North Shore but still to this day, Withams coffee have been the café’s coffee bean provider. Waterview at Waverton came to fruition in 2017 when current owner Stephanie bought the shop with her daughter Francesca. Stephanie was the catering whizz while Francesca went to work on creating the rustic, cosy feel it has today. Francesca made the move to the UK so Steph took the reins of the café side and made the decision to buy out the adjoining side of the shop and turn Waterview at Waverton to a café by day and beautiful restaurant by night. Whether you’re grabbing some warm baked friands and coffee on your way to work or enjoying some freshly made pastas and salads with friends for dinner, Steph and the team at Waterview will ensure you’ll feel right at home.